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These sessions are about making the biggest impact in your life. Whether you are looking for career success, financial abundance, amazing relationships, improved self-esteem, healing an illness, healing mental health issues, an empowered sense of self, and many other options - a private session can address all of that!


BEFORE: Valerie will email you a few questions to send back before the session.
DURING: These sessions are over zoom. 

It's recommended that you record your session and have something to take notes with.
Valerie will use her 9 different intuition skills and abilities to read and channel what needs to be addressed. Valerie creates a safe space to address any issues and/or struggles you may have. This is a place to ask all the questions you have and to get clarity on life. Valerie not only gives information about what is going on but also gives you tailored tools to create positive shifts within your life.
These sessions are designed to bring about the greatest amount of change within someone's life. Valerie will touch on everything that is being affected and how it will change.

Energy work, if needed, will be done at the end of the session. The healing will be tailored to the individual to help the body and energy heal and catch up to everything that was talked about within the session. 

ENERGY HEALING MAY INCLUDE; energy frequency boost, energy recovery, energy cord-cutting, chakra boost, chakra repair, open heart healing, healing body parts, ageless youth healing, aura boost, nadis boost, removal of dark energies, shifting limiting beliefs, soul karma, akashic records pull, memory removal and more.
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