Meet Valerie

Intuitive Healer, Public Speaker, Spiritual Leader & Entrepreneur

I am an intuitive energetic healer. I see where a soul is at, where it wants to go, and what is blocking it from getting there.


With years of understanding how and why things happen to us and the ability to feel and see beyond the physical, I help drastically change people's roadblocks in life. No subject is ever off the table, whether in relationships, financial, health, career, mental, or anything else. I will help bring clarity to be able to move forward with incredible outcomes. 


I mix the spiritual with practical, so everything feels tangible, bringing the power back into your hands. My soul's purpose is to assist you in seeing what your life is truly made of, reminding you of who you are, and having you let go of all limitations that are stopping you from fully accessing all of your life.

Alive & Well Music and Wellness Fest. Co-hosted by Lucy Hale & Jay Shetty

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A chat with actress, director & friend Elizabeth Henstridge

My former life was in entertainment, first renting a tiny NYC loft at the age of 16 where I trained as a dancer and actress, then onto Los Angeles to try TV and film. Living the "starving artist" life, I got creative and built my first company, a mobile spray tanning business, Spray Valet. This put me in front of all walks of life. It was here that I realized I wanted to help people. 

During a life-changing time in my life, I reached out to a healer in hopes of finding guidance. "You are supposed to do what I am doing," it was then that my life flashed back in slow motion as I saw every little piece start to make sense - my ability to pull foolproof advice for someone, the times my body was overloaded because I felt everything within the room. Even the spirits I saw as a kid now gave me a sense of peace. 

My life has never been the same since. Soon after, I started doing private sessions, and it was here where I came to life. 


With years of private sessions under my belt and doing events I work full-time as a healer, speaker, and entrepreneur. 

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