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Meet Valerie

Intuitive Healer, Public Speaker, Spiritual Leader & Entrepreneur

I am an intuitive energetic healer. I see where a soul is at, where it wants to go, and what is blocking it from getting there.


With years of understanding how and why things happen to us and the ability to feel and see beyond the physical, I help drastically change people's roadblocks in life. No subject is ever off the table, whether in relationships, financial, health, career, mental, or anything else. I will help bring clarity to be able to move forward with incredible outcomes. 


I mix the spiritual with practical, so everything feels tangible, bringing the power back into your hands. My soul's purpose is to assist you in seeing what your life is truly made of, reminding you of who you are, and having you let go of all limitations that are stopping you from fully accessing all of your life.

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Valerie Mya has over 18+ years in the healing world and has well over 10,000+ hours of mastery in understanding and breaking down how this world works, all the answers to why things happen, and how to truly make life count!


At a young age, Valerie read the energy of people, situations, and objects like a book. She used this skill to unlock every block in her life, completely opening up her soul life. With her years of experience, Valerie has become one of the best in the business for aligning clients to the life they are meant to have. Areas of focus can range from clearing away everything that isn't aligning a soul, healing illnesses, understanding and mastery of relationships, business growth, endless abundance and success, emotional intelligence, mastery of self, building the life you want, and so much more. 

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