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This is an energetic healing, not a mediation. When played they activate an energetic blueprint to heal the body. No work is needed by you. It's best to do these before you go to sleep. Use earphones and just intend for what I am saying to happen. If you fall asleep, even better! 


What you can expect from this healing:

- increase in your intuitive gifts

- people noticing you more and feeling the urge to talk to you

- people trusting you more

- greater connection to your core self

- priorities shifting to things of more soul importance

- positive increase in emotional availability

- meeting higher quality people

- people trusting you more in business

- less trustworthy people being replaced by people who open and honest

- less situations where you feel like you need to protect yourself from people

- new friends

- more fulfilling relationships

- the need to follow your heart impulses more

- feeling safer in the world than you have ever been

Open Heart Healing

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