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Lucy Hale, actress, singer, and television personality

"She's seriously unbelievable and completely changed my life ... I mean it."

Jillian Michaels, personal trainer, businesswoman, author, and television personality 

"She has given me tremendous perspective … I was a nonbeliever until her."

What People Are Saying

Elizabeth Henstridge, actress and director

"If you are able to have a session, please do; it will change your life. She has completely transformed my life."

Annie Leonard, MTV producer

"I never thought I could be this happy. I thought I would be stuck in a depression forever, but Val helped me out of that."

Lindsay King, artist

"I feel extremely safe working with Val. She has such a direct line to Source and because of that, the messages that come through are so aligned and you instantly feel it.

Nicky Moriaty, singer and healer

"I honestly couldn't recommend her more."

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What People Are Saying

Lara Cowin

"I feel like Valerie is a guiding light in my life ... an anchor"

"I heard about Valerie from a (normally skeptical) friend. She knows I'm open minded and believe in soul magic and so she was excited to tell me she'd found 'the real thing' and share her profound experience with me. I immediately vowed to book a session and forgot to ask her the cost. When I learned it was a little outside my normal range of affordability, I took a leap of faith because I could see how much healing energy and clarity my friend had received.


The minute Valerie came on the screen, I was overcome with such a feeling of authenticity and supportive light that I said to myself 'whatever she needs to exchange monetarily for this service, it's 1000% worth it' and that's without her even saying one word. I have a lot of issues with self-worth and undervaluing myself.


The things she said to me, simply, clearly, as if we were talking about springtime or flavors of tea, were life-changing. It was as if someone gave me a gentle shake and pointed out the path in neon. Because of her support I had the ability to stay grounded in a way I never did before. I also derived tremendous benefit from her heart-opening recording which was part of my homework. I feel so much more in tune with my soul and happier in the day to day". 

- Rima

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